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The Bells

A picture of the bells - click to see a bigger version
A close up of the treble
A close up of the third

The tower contains six bells with approximate weights ranging from 3 cwt (150 kg), the treble, to 10 cwt (500 kg), the tenor. The bells, previously re-hung and renovated in 1952, were augmented from five to six in 1976 when Ian Quinney, ringing master at the time, donated the newest bell, the treble, in memory of his father, J.W. Quinney, whose name is inscribed on the bell.

Although we know the exact age of the newest bell, we cannot say the same for the third. It originates from the middle of the fourteenth century, so is approximately 650 years old, and is believed to be the oldest bell in Cambridge.

The individual weights and inscriptions are as follows:

Bell Note Inscription Weight (Cwt/qrs/lbs)
1 E In memory of James W. Quinney
A bellringer
My voice in rememberence raise
And to the Lord I will sing praise
2 D Walter Sericold Esq., Fra Ellard C.W. 1727 4/0/14
4 B Jubilate deo omnis populus terre 6/2/14
5 A John Taylor and Son, Founders, Loughborough 1853 8/1/27
6 G T. Mears of London Fecit 1828
Revd. Stephen Davis, Curate
Thos. Sumpter Headly (Churchwarden)
George Bullin (Churchwarden)

The following text can be found in a pictureframe on the wall of the ringing 'chamber':

A ring of five bells in this tower was tuned and rehung
with new fittings in a new framework in 1952 by Gillett & Johnston
of Croydon. The ring of five was rededicated on the 5th October 1952
by the very reverend The Dean of Ely
The Rev. L. G. Forrest, M.A - Vicar
C. G. C. Cracknell | Churchwardens
P. Stageman |

A new treble bell cast by John Taylor & Co of Loughborough and
installed by local bellringers, was dedicated on the 27th June 1976
by the Bishop of Huntingdon. The bell was a gift in memory of
James W Quinney; born Cherry Hinton 3rd December, 1910
died 14th November 1974:
The Rev. R. Jeans M.A - Vicar
R. A. Picton | Churchwardens
D. Webber |

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